Things that go through my mind.

This should be interesting. I find describing myself to never be accurate. I'm much more than could ever fit in this space.


“As a woman, my health is important to me.

So when it comes to that time of the month, I don’t trust my body with just anyone.

That’s why I choose the one brand of tampon created by the people that know my body best: the gentlemen of the Republican Party.

G.O.B. Tampons — designed with all the knowledge of a woman’s anatomy that only comes from being a 60-plus-year-old conservative man.”

— Saturday Night Live


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I really like the old-school look. Can you make it a little more modern? But keep it old-school. Modern old-school. Mold school.

The last sentence was punctuated by a thumbs-up

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The stages of regeneration for Whovians


The stages of regeneration for Whovians